Acer C720 Chromebook Review

I bought the Acer C720 with i3/4GB/32GB, which is my very first Chromebook. I was concerned that Chromebooks may be too limiting, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much it can handle.

The Acer is replacing the ASUS 1015E mini-notebook that I used as a secondary laptop for the last couple of years.

While not the best looking laptop, the Acer is very well built and feels solid. The size is perfect. It is super portable while the screen size is big enough to get some work done. Many reviewers have complained about the screen, which I can’t echo. For the price of this laptop the screen is more than adequate.

The i3 combined with the 4GB RAM make for a very powerful Chromebook. I have yet to experience any lag while browsing the Internet, watching movies, or streaming media. As a matter of fact, I was able to browse the web while streaming video, and at the same time projecting a movie via HDMI to a flat screen TV. No issues whatsoever.

For added flexibility I have swapped the on-board 32GB SSD with a MyDigitalSSD 120GB Super Boot EcoDrive. The added space will come handy for movies and music to keep myself entertained on my next flight.

Chrome OS is OK and it covers my basic computing needs. Surfing the web, emails, blogging, watching movies, streaming music, etc. is all fine. Also basic photo retouching for your blog posts or social media updates is no problem. You have to look elsewhere for anything that goes beyond this though.

Only grief I have is the lack of some native core applications, such as a functional media player. I understand that Google is pushing for its cloud services, but not being able to organize and manage a small local library of video and music files, without having to worry about the lack of basic codecs and functionality is absurd. It makes it unnecessary hard for people to use Chromebooks and limits sales.

Overall I am very happy with the Acer C720. It is a great value for money laptop, covering all my basic computer needs. I would buy it again.


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